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super out of date, sorry. currently senior SDE @ Twitch.


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Selected open-source contributions


Zack Tanner

Software Engineer at Bottlenose

Mitch was easily one of the best engineers I’ve worked with. His willingness to mentor others and dedication to best practices not only helped me become a better developer, but also led to the creation of an efficient & modular platform. No task was too difficult for Mitch, often tackling complicated features while still giving up some time to provide quality feedback during code reviews. He has a knack for breaking down complex features into easy to understand subproblems, which is invaluable when leading a team.

Kshitij “Gio” Gujarati

Director, Product at Bottlenose

Mitch is the rock upon which our enterprise intelligence product at Bottlenose was built. In terms of pure engineering talent, Mitch is one of the best I’ve worked with. His ability to relentlessly produce quality code in incredibly small amounts of time is remarkable. It enabled us to not only build an exceptional product quickly, but to continue to ship features and improvements at a rapid frequency and with uncommon regularity. Mitch’s unique talent is paired with an admirable focus and dedication to his craft. The engineering team benefitted immensely from his experience and ability to understand business issues and goals. As a PM I know how lucky I’ve been to have Mitch to rely on.

Selected projects

Nervecenter 3 Dashboards Dashboards / Nervecenter 3 / React/Redux — Next generation user-configurable data-agnostic analytic dashboards.

Nervecenter 3 Stream Wizard Stream Wizard / Nervecenter 3 / React/Redux — UI for addition of new data sources. Rendered completely dynamically from an API-delivered JSON description of the required data (supports tens of source types, each with very different config requirements)

Nervecenter 3 Anayze View Analyze / Nervecenter 3 / React/Redux — Data agnostic analysis, drill-in, filtering and charting capabilities. Performantly handles huge datasets. Saving/loading/exporting of views and data.

Nervecenter Dashboards Dashboards / Bottlenose Nervecenter / Backbone/Marionette — One of many features I’ve built as part of my work at Bottlenose. Allows users to create custom dashboards with a number of different visualizations and any data source.

cmdv.io cmdv.io / React/flux — A revision-tracking pastebin service I made to learn Flux and React. https://github.com/olslash/cmdv.io/

StoryViz StoryViz / Node/Neo4j/d3 — a toy app to show the changing relationship network of characters in a story over time. I built the backend, including a REST API and graph database models and queries, using NodeJS and Neo4j. https://github.com/StoryViz/StoryViz

Base Raiders Skill Calculator Base Raiders Skill Calculator / Clojurescript/re-frame — An app that simplifies the arithmetic of choosing skills in the Base Raiders tabletop game. Built in ClojureScript and re-frame to help me learn those tools. https://github.com/olslash/base-raiders-skill-calculator

Spacegame Spacegame / JS/Phaser — Made for a hackathon, a real-time RTS style resource collection and base defense game. Written in JS with the Phaser webgl game engine. https://github.com/olslash/spacegame



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